Friday, December 19, 2008

Masters of the Oblivious

The moment the Grand Coalition Grandé© was announced, the Liberal polling numbers went south and stayed there. So much for parliamentary global warming.

The Liberals quickly changed leaders. They simply brought the existing process to conclusion, much to nobody's surprise. Professor Dion's late contribution to Canada's Worst Video Award demonstrated that everything the Conservative attack ads had insinuated about his lack of leadership ability was, well.... totally true.

Of the two primary challengers for the job, Bob Rae's expressed support for the coalition, his failure to attract new memberships, and deep memories in Ontario for his time as premier was combining for a not so successful leadership bid.

Seizing the moment, the party pushed the Tourist Ignatieff into the top spot. The penniless, led by the unknown; a Pied Piper redux.

Liberals have a new leader but an empty bank account. Their fund raising is pathetic. The ever increasing voter subsidy is rewarded with ever decreasing votes. Just the threat to eliminate the subsidy is enough to panic their bankers. Their enthusiasm for Unite-the-Left has been a popular disaster.

And for all of this it is Stephen Harper who is perceived to be weak. Party knives are out. The Conservatives have lost Quebec.
Their management on the economy is dismal. They have abused Parliament. Fluffy bunnies and tiny kittens are starving.

Santa Stephen will not bring me a pony for Christmas. Boohoohhoo!

If an election was held today, Harper and the Conservatives would emerge with a large majority.

Liberals would be wiped out, west of the Manitoba Quebec border.

Merry Christmas to Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party. May the coming year be as successful as this last year has turned out.

(Oh and Jack Layton, all that coal Santa was to put in your stocking was returned due to the immediate CO² threat. The elves replaced it with hot air, something they knew you and the media masters would appreciate.)


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