Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Memo to the Governor General

Governor General Jean,

You need to stop this government charade.

Seven weeks ago the country voted on a new Parliament. We elected a
minority Conservative government. You only delivered the Throne Speech
a few days ago. Your Loyal Opposition approved of that speech and the
plans contained within. Suddenly and without warning, the Opposition
has decided to withhold their confidence. 

The country has not had an opportunity to evaluate the political,
economic, and social impact of the current goverment, or that of the
new coalition. 

We face serious economic troubles. Serious trouble requires serious
decisions. Instead we have the clear losers of the peoples confidence
playing political gamesmanship.

No doubt under constitutional law you  can let them form a government.
But is was only seven short weeks ago when the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc
had the opportunity to present their program and the votors turned it
down. Now, collectively and without the will of the people, they have
decided to impose their ideas on the country. The people deserve to
evaluate the implications of this imposed change.

Send this charade back to the people. If we agree that this sudden
coalition has merit to deal with issues the country faces, then let the
people elect this new government.


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