Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fairy Tales

...the newspaper reporter never asked me about an election or about anything else related to the Prime Minister. She had no, repeat, no questions, so, at least not of the national scene. She asked something about a local community college. But that was it. And then I wake up this morning and here they've got me singing the praises, great rhetoric. Well, let me tell you, as much as I like to think that every speech is a good one, they've obviously never heard me when I've gotten going as we have. And so, they put it, all this great rhetoric. I was reading a grocery list of, of projects for the island. So anyway, this whole thing is manufactured. And I was thinking so much about you today as I read the paper and the brilliant column you wrote in last week's Sun about wafergate in New Brunswick, where the editors made it up. It had nothing to do with what the reporter said. And so, I'm saying to myself, my God, this is like the virus or something. It's creeping across provincial borders. Now all of a sudden the Charlottetown paper can't just report the news. They've got to make it up.

Hey Guardian, when your reporter calls herself Fairywriter, it is possible that she might be making stuff up!