Monday, April 16, 2007

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

In my last post, I asked the question of Garth Turner based on his admission " he has know about the Dion-May deal for awhile".

Does 'awhile' mean prior to joining the Liberal caucus?

Since the question was somewhat rhetorical, in that nobody but I reads this little ol' blog, it was a shock to get an response directly from the man himself.

No. 'Awhile', according to Garth, is only a few days.

The Red Green Show is therefore a recent work in process. Where it goes from here may or may not suggest anything about Liberal Party leadership direction. I will leave it for my only reader to enlighten me.

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The Red Green Show

Remember that when Garth Turner was bounced from the CPC caucus, the buzz was he was going to join the Green Party? Well, he apparently did, via the Liberals. Turns out he has know about the Dion-May deal for awhile.

Does 'awhile' mean prior to joining the Liberal caucus?

So here is my prediction...that Ms. May will announce there will be no Green candidate in Halton next election.

I'm guessing that once the furor over Central Nova has subsided, Dion/May will announce additional "deals" to maximize the voting efforts of "environmentalists" in the coming election. Some ridings will get Green Liberals (May) and some will get Liberal Greens (Dion, perhaps Turner).

Dion has to turn his abysmal leadership position (strong negative) into a environmental coalition (strong positive) if he is to survive much longer.

All of this may hinge on whether the Liberal Party will follow or desert. Dion was not the choice of the party hierarchy in the first place, so whether they pull the plug or let this "Unite the Left" hijack continue is open speculation.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Red, White, or 649

What McGuinty has actually done is accuse the convenience store owners of being criminals. Since the OLC, and by extension the Ontario Government, cannot be held responsible for a system that tolerates ticket theft, the problem must be thieves they signed up to steal, er, distribute tickets.

Of course, when you look at the ethnic background of the average convenience store operator, suggesting they are not honest businessmen is akin to racism.

One may surmise that if John Tory or Stephen Harper made those same comments, the MSM reaction would not be so neutral.

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