Monday, December 11, 2006

Poker Face

If I was George Bush, which I'm not, but if I was, I would be getting pretty tired of the political mudslinging and general mental derangement on the part of Democrats and the Loony Tunes Left in the middle of a war. No matter what I do, it is wrong, stupid, and criminal. Not because it is wrong, stupid, and criminal, but because I'm George Bush.

So if James Carter Baker and Lee Harvey Hamilton and the rest of the Incredibly Senile Geezers got together, they could produce a report that would precis everything wrong, stupid, and criminal that I had undertaken in Iraq, with a solution to fix everything wrong, stupid, and criminal. This Illustrated Stupid George would contain every criticism made of me, all in one place, to which all the Illuminati Smarter Globalists could wave in their International Sercle Gerk.

But the more they wave it around, the more it starts to look like Inedible Smelly Garbage.

Could I, George Bush, be smart enough to create Indefensible Stinking Guidelines that actually make my original Invade Saddam Game appear less wrong, less stupid, and less criminal?


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Convention Flyers

Remember back a few months ago when other prominent Jewish Canadians parted ways with the Liberal Party: Heather Reisman, Gerry Schwartz and Ariella Cotler? This anti-semetic ideology has been festering in the LPC for a while. This flyer is just the latest eruption.

Kudos to Dion for calling it out but he is unlikely to stop the rot. From where did his delegates come? They were not supporting Rae(his wife)or Ignatieff (Iraq). So he owes them, principles or citizenship notwithstanding.

Would it be a shock if Arlene followed her friend Ariella?

So here are some predictions as I suspect more than a few Liberals will be contemplating their futures over the Christmas Holiday:

Bob Rae will not run. Arlene will put a stop to it.

Bill Graham will be pushed aside to give Gerrard a safe seat.

Michael Ignatieff will not run. He lost the leadership this time around, and would have to compete with Justin next time.

Justin will run. duh!

Belinda will run. Daddy owns Aurora.

You're welcome.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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